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Meet Buggy!


where to even begin here? Buggy was brought to my tension through a friend of the page who has already helped facilitate bringing a couple beautiful little babies here to the island. They include Skyla, Jasmin, and her baby Squeaker. She mentioned about a friend of hers who is also a rescue. This friend has a special-needs Chihuahua that she’s only had for a couple months or so. The lady who rescued her is also a friend of the page and for obvious reasons she shall remain anonymous. It took a very long time to get Buggy into my possession because of how much she cared herself. After all she didn’t know me personally so she watched from afar for awhile.

So here it is and I shall try keep this as positive as possible. I simply asked that no matter what emotions ou guys feel from this story, please no hateful, angry comments, even to those who deserve them. You’ll understand after hearing the story.

You guys also know my stance on craigslist and why it is so extremely important to get involved, not for those puppies that are $500 but for those poor dogs that are being sold for $100 or less for free to good home. Below is the conversation that I’m quoting verbatim that I had with our friend of the page. It simply re-iterates my stance on the Craigslist thing. This is the response when I asked about backstory.

“And yes, I've never seen anything like Buggy's case myself, absolutely heartbreaking. I don't know who the guy is & I don't even know the name of the girl who gave her to me (her former owner). She had her listed on craigslist for $75
and someone else showed me, I reached out. When we got there, her car was packed with her personal belongings, she was really young maybe very early 20's if that. I gave her the money she wanted for her, I started asking her questions about why she was in such poor condition, she broke down literally sobbing & she genuinely seemed to love the dog & she told us the whole story. I originally planned to report her, but she turned out to be a victim as well & she did all she could do to give her to a better home.”

Apparently this girl‘s boyfriend, with both physically and mentally abusing her and when that wasn’tenough he took his rage out on Buggy. What you are witnessing is a coward of a human being who is mentally and physically abusing this young girl and then continuing to take his hatred anger out on a four pound dog. He broke Her legs in over eight places. They grew back refused together without medical attention of any kind. Her jaw is crooked and her bite pattern is off because of having her jaw broken. The pigment in her one eye has partially turned white from the trauma to her head. Clearly her behavior also demonstrates the degree of abuse she has experienced.

Most of you know the story of Lucy, my bait dog. Some of you know the story of Chi Chi, and the abuse she underwent. Many of you also know how Georgie was abandoned and left for dead. Everyone of the above situations has left me in tears. Not even the beginning fathom what they went through. Well I have to say honestly that I’ve never seen or heard situation of such a tiny animal going to so much physical and mental abuse. I can’t tell you how lucky I am and scared to death at the sMe time to have her here on the island, because it’s going to push everything that I have to the limits to get her to love and trust again. I mean look at me. physically, I am the epitome of what she should be afraid of. I am purposely spending as much quality time with her as I can keeping the commotion to a minimum hoping that she well learn to be happy and not have to look over her shoulder anymore.

My friend of the page who rescued her to begin with is the true hero here. When she got her Into her possession, Buggy weighed 3.1 pounds in the first pic. Upon taking her to the vet, the vets suggestion was to put her out of her misery. Why is it so difficult to help an animal in need anymore? Had that been a human being every effort would’ve been taken by the doctors to save a life but since it’s the dog the vets opinion was to put it down??? So now my friend she has saved Buggy not once, but twice as she refused the advice. Proudly, In her care, Buggy has grown to over 4 pounds. Although her bones are fused back creating an awkward look and walk, she appears to be in no pain, however as you’ll be able to see from the pictures and videos, emotional scars are going to stick with her for a very long time.


As with many of my coordinated efforts, buggy is here for the rest of her life. Since her arrival, she has thrived, and become one of the most social members of the island. She is rarely not by my side as os Harley. I have had her legs x-rayed, and in the near future we will unfortunately be going in for surgery to make that correction.  Once completed however, the prognosis is that she will have a more normal stance and walk and this will help prevent health issues down the road. I want her to live as normal of her life as she possibly can from here on out.

My promise to you, Buggy is this. You’re home, You’re safe, and I Will spend the rest of your life showing you nothing but happiness. Bless you, little soldier!