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Meet Harley

Harley & Quinn, “The infamous twins”

Or as I like to call them, the mole rat and the alien. My little inbred sisters Harley and Quinn. two babies that I actually bought and realized during the process that people are ignorant and greedy. As I mentioned back in the first post about my history with Chi’s, I wanted my own Lady (the dog who started all this and made me fall in love with chihuahuas). I wanted the pup I found to resemble her. Light colored, deer head, perhaps even a little lumpy. 😂😂😂 low and behold my friend Connie found this little lumpy chi on puppy finder.(I think she wanted to make sure I found a replacement for lady so she could get her dog back😂) They wanted 500.00 for this little dog. Price didn’t matter I just wanted to see this little thing. See looked perfect in pictures.

Upon meeting her and the people I’m introduced to Harley and mentions another fawn colored apple head. The lady says that she’d give me a deal and let me have them both for 900.00. I had no desire even tho they were both adorable to me. They were adorable because they weren’t perfect. Far from it actually. I didn’t know why at the time but I couldn’t understand why all of her other chihuahuas running around looked so perfect and these looked like something drawn from a rugrats cartoon. Lol

The lady lived in a small townhouse with her three children and at already a half dozen chihuahuas. She proceeds to tell me that the mom is getting older and this was an accidental pregnancy. She did not realize that the mom had gone into heat, and came home one day and find her and the dad hooked up. While she was upstairs grabbing a Harley for me to see, I start to play with a couple of the other dogs around. Very friendly and fun. I am told that from the prior litter she had kept one boy and one girl which is why she had so many Chihuahuas running around. She had the parents, one dog of each sex from the prior litter and a few other randoms from litters before. No animals are fixed in the house.

When she comes back, Harley is perfect. Perfectly off. You see I didn’t want something that looked like a masterpiece, I wanted somebody that reminded me of Lady who almost passed away from eating chemotherapy medicine so she’s been a little off her self ever since and grew up looking ever so slightly deformed.

As I am playing with Harley, she runs back up to get Quinny to show me. I’m only partially listening at this point because I’m so infatuated with Harley. However, while she’s gone, the oldest daughter, who is in high school, mentions to me what is the actual truth. Apparently the male from the prior littler is who was actually found hooked up with the mom. That would make a Harley and Quinn‘s older brother their dad. This still doesn’t full sink in as I’m frustrated she lied to me more than anything.

When she gets back with Quinny, she’s hideous. Lol an ugly little lizard with fur. If Harley was ugly and off looking, Quinny was 10 times worse. I started to get a weird vibe from all of this and was angered by the deceit so I started to make my way out with a Harley. Just to be done with that situation. I don’t like people trying to get over on me. As I’m driving home and things die down I can’t seem to get Quinny out of my mind. I keep doing the math and by the time I got home I realized, oh my God, these two dogs are inbred. They are inbred and they are hideous looking. Now, I love little Harley and I know she’s safe but what happens to the other one? The ugly little apple head? I literally had it in my mind that somebody was gonna take this dog and treat it like shit because of how it looked. Also, what if it wasn’t healthy? Would someone take care or just put it down. I don’t know why but I thought I had to do something. I texted the lady and told her I’d be back for Quinn the next day. I went in somewhat angered and upon mentioning possibility of inbreeding the lady got very elusive and agitated. Let’s just say I got Quinny and Harley for an extremely good deal. So now I got these two little six week old, not eight week old babies of which I had no idea the responsibility of how delicate they truly were.

A couple months later, poor Harley breaks her leg. I literally was laying on the floor in my hotel room, playing on my phone and Harley was walking on my back. She rolled off my shoulder and onto the floor and literally broke her leg. She was 8” from the ground. It was then I realized how physically fragile these dogs are. They both ended up having a type of non contagious mange that that needed special treatment. They have an off odor still to this day. They are-year-old and Quinny is finally just going into heat. Poor Harley doesn’t even have nipples. I’m wondering if she even has a reproductive system. One that functions properly at least. They are both completely undersized and almost completely hairless. I Harley looks more like a mole rat and a dog, and Quinny looks like if in alien species tried to replicate a Chihuahua to send down to spy on us😂😂 I will say this though. Whatever their genetics lack and physical strength, they make up for in intelligence and personality. Of all my Chihuahuas they are by far the most intelligent. They are the most needy as well but in a demanding way. Lol princesses. Harley, as many of you all know, must go everywhere with me. She’s attached to my side at all times. Quinny is just as bad.
If she’s anywhere in the house where she can’t get to you when she wants she will wail out as if she’s dying. It’s quite alarming if you have never heard it lol

Thinking back however, I am so lucky that I went back for Quinny. I don’t know what I’d do without her or what would have happened to her had I not gotten her. This whole experience really started to open my eyes to what people who are breeders would do and try to get away with to make a dollar. Somewhere in the back of my mind, somethings brewing. I didn’t know what yet. I just knew at the time this was another reason to despise the human race and that I need to help make a change.

So here you have them!!! My slightly off, beautiful alien and mole rat. Ladies and gentlemen, The infamous twins, Harley and Quinn!!!