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Meet Jasmine!

This little beautiful lady here is Jasmin. Her and her baby, Squeaker, were an unexpected, welcomed arrival. Jasmine comes from the same bad situation that Skyla came from. The same great Samaritan, who is a friend of the page, alerted me again of her situation. This poor little girl is two years old and has already been bred twice. She has been through at least four homes. Two of which I know were abusive. The actual person who gave her up to me, warned me that I should bring her kennel because she bites, especially if you raise or your hand, and especially because I’m a man. Apparently she bit people at her last house including this lady’s father. As you can see from the pictures, she literally crawled into my lap with in the first three minutes of being in the car, and I brought Skyla with me in hopes that it would make her feel comfortable which it did right away. I was so excited to see the way they took back to each other as they had shared a kennel together for quite a while. For those that remember or were here to see the post about Skyler, these two beautiful girls and a little boy named peanut we’re all three shelves in a kennel in their own feces up to their bellies. This went on for months. Jasmin actually conceived in that mess. These dogs deserve better than what we’ve been giving them guys. Now there was actually some money involved in this although I won’t go into amounts because I was just so concerned to get her away from going into yet another bad situation. Also, I am currently not even looking at adoptions for either one of them. Squeaker needs to be with his mother for at least another 6 to 8 weeks as he’s only a couple weeks old. Then when she’s done nursing completely we need to get her taken care of so that we don’t have to worry about her ever being bred again. Remember guys, I’m here for them for us not to facilitate making somebody’s family happy. I know that sounds harsh but I truly have the animals best interest at heart first and foremost. So for now just be excited to see this beautiful girl Jasmine and her little baby Squeaker come to the island.